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New skills and jobs: Which employment pathways for Europe?

28 September 2012, University of Cyprus, Nicosia

The conference on "New skills and jobs in Europe: Pathways towards full employment" held at the University of Cyprus on 28 September 2012 under the Cypriot Presidency was a true success. In his keynote speech Nobel Prize winner Christopher Pissarides insisted that Europe has the capacities to improve employment scores provided productivity is increased, labour market is freed from unnecessary regulations and transversal skills are supported in schools.

All speakers stressed the need to develop a different approach to skills since the future of employment lies in services to people in areas like education, health, assistance to the elderly, leisure or retail services.

In his closing speech, GŁnther Schmid deplored that so many Europeans, especially young people, were jobless and that so few new quality jobs were created but he also recalled that some Member States were doing much better than others and that policy learning at European level should operate more efficiently. Such policy learning will be important to buffer the worst effect of the crisis and even develop new responses that will help define the jobs and the skills of tomorrow.