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Hard work? Pursuing quality of work and life in European low-wage sectors
WALQING final conference

19-20 September 2012, Vienna, Austria

Creating "more and better jobs": With this formula, the European Employment Strategy announced its main aim for the following decades in 2000. But has this double objective been put into practice?

Indeed, WALQING found that about half of the jobs that were newly created between 2000 and 2007 have problematic working conditions. They concentrate in expanding sectors that often have low skills and wages, are faced with considerable restructuring and cost-based competition, offer few possibilities of advancement or voice at work, but contribute centrally to European societies' quality of life.

Now, towards the end of the project, the research team is looking forward to presenting results of its research activities. We invite interested scholars, representatives of unions, employer associations and NGOs, policymakers and sector actors to participate in this international two-day event.

The programme will contain presentations of WALQING research results and practical examples that cover institutional frameworks as well as subjective perspectives of workers, structural disadvantages of specific groups of the workforce, and strategies of companies. The conference puts special emphasis on linking academic and practical knowledge.