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The socio-cultural integration of Muslim minorities in Europe
EURISLAM project final conference

20-21 June 2012, Brussels, Belgium,
Flagey, Rue du Belvédère 27

From 2008 till 2012 an international team based at six universities conducted extensive research on the social-cultural integration of Europe's four largest Muslim groups in six European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and The United Kingdom). This has resulted in the collection of unique data sets that give new insights into the interplay of policies, debates, and attitudes of, and towards Muslim migrants.
It is often assumed that specific national policies have a direct influence the integration of immigrants and their offspring.

Data collected for the EURISLAM project now indicates that public and political dimensions are, however, not that strongly interlinked with the socio-cultural integration of Muslim minorities. Different national traditions and practices in the naturalisation and cultural accommodation of foreigners do not appear to have a considerable impact on the socio-cultural integration of Muslim minorities, but do seem to influence the public debate on the integration of Muslims and Islam.

The results of the EURISLAM project will be presented in detail during a two day conference in Brussels on 20-21 June. A detailed integrated report is scheduled to be published on the EURISLAM website at the end of July 2012.