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Science, Innovation, Firms and Markets in a Globalised World
SCIFI-GLOW final policy workshop

19 April 2012, Brussels, Belgium
Thon Hotel, rue de la Loi 75

This high-level policy-oriented event, is being organised by the Centre for Economic Policy Research in collaboration with leading academics who have been involved in the European Commission funded collaborative research programme "Science, Innovation, Firms and Markets in a Globalised World" (SCIFI-GLOW). The meeting will present and summarise critical areas of economic policy making around the main themes that have been studied during the course of the 3-year project.

The SCIFI-GLOW collaborative project examined simultaneously the organisation of the 'knowledge sector' and the behaviour of firms and markets. The project achieved this by bringing together two 'communities' of economic researchers: those interested primarily in the research sector and those who look at the effect of globalisation in terms of trade flows, the organisation of firms and product and labour market outcomes. The project combined theoretical and empirical research, and built upon the growing availability of databases, both at the cross-country and at the national level to highlight interesting case studies.

This meeting is designed primarily for policy makers, academics practitioners and those who are interested in the effects and policy implications of globalisation on trade flows, firm organisation, and product and labour market outcomes.