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Eunamus Final Conference: the Cultural Force of National Museums

[Date: 2012-12-07]

Eunamus addresses how the national museum can best aid European cohesion and confront the social issues which test European stability and unity.

Climate Change, Hydro Conflicts and Human Security (CLICO) Final Conference

[Date: 2012-12-06]

CLICO, on Climate Change, Hydro Conflicts and Human Security, will hold its final conference in Nicosia between 10-12 December 2012. The project will be presenting its research results within the international conference and high-level policy event “Energy, Water and Climate Change 2012 – Building Bridges between Europe and MENA” (EWACC 2012).

Accessing oil, gas and minerals in a changing world

[Date: 2012-12-04]

The EU and other regions of the world face ever growing challenges to secure supplies of energy and mineral raw materials which have the potential to threaten economic stability and competiveness.

Religious diversity and secular models in Europe: Innovative approaches to law and policy

[Date: 2012-12-30]

RELIGARE (‘Religious Diversity and Secular Models in Europe: Innovative Approaches to Law and Policy’) is a European research project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7, 2007-2013) of the European Commission. It focuses on the coexistence and interactions of secular and religious values in contemporary Europe.

ASSPRO CEE 2007 final conference: Equity and efficiency effects of out-of-pocket payments in Europe

[Date: 2012-11-16]

This conference presents the key findings of project ASSPRO CEE 2007 (funded by the European Commission under FP7 Social-Sciences and Humanities theme). The project addresses the need of new, improved and more appropriate indicators for the evaluation of patient payment policies.

MAFE final conference: Comparative and Multi-sited Approaches to International Migration

[Date: 2012-11-09]

Since October 2008, the MAFE project (Migration between Africa and Europe), funded by FP7, brought together ten teams from Europe and Africa under a research project aiming at : - collecting unique, reliable and comparative data on the characteristics and behaviour of Sub-Saharan migrants; - analysing this data in various domains of interest for both policy-makers and academics; - disseminate the data and results through key channels that will impact both policy and future research.

SPREAD Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 European Social Platform

[Date: 2012-11-06]

The SPREAD Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 European Social Platform project (a coordination action supported by SSH), together with its partners, are organising their final conference, Catalyzing Action: EU Sustainable Lifestyles Roadmap & Action Plan to 2050.

Engaging citizens in the fight against corruption: ALACs explained

[Date: 2012-10-25]

The research project "Promotion of Participation and Citizenship in Europe through the Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres (ALACs) of Transparency International.

Towards a New Paradigm of Ecological Economy and Social Innovation in Europe? - PASHMINA Final Conference

[Date: 2012-10-19]

More than 70 high-level policy-makers, academics and stakeholders participated at the final meeting of the PASHMINA project on "Paradigm shifts modelling and innovative approaches".

New skills and jobs: Which employment pathways for Europe?

[Date: 2012-10-08]

The conference on "New skills and jobs in Europe: Pathways towards full employment" held at the University of Cyprus on 28 September 2012 under the Cypriot Presidency was a true success. In his keynote speech Nobel Prize winner Christopher Pissarides insisted that Europe has the capacities to improve employment scores provided productivity is increased, labour market is freed from unnecessary regulations and transversal skills are supported in schools.

Making capabilities work: New Ways of Tackling Young Europeans' Transitions from Education to Work - WorkAble final conference

[Date: 2012-10-03]

The research looked at innovative programmes and interventions that dealt with problems, risks or failures in one or more of the following transitions: from compulsory school to further education; from education/vocational training to the labour market; and from unemployment or a position outside the labour market to employment.

Workshop: The continuing vocational training and adult education component of Lifelong learning: new needs for research and policy development

[Date: 2012-10-01]

This workshop aimed at: analyse the contribution given by different research projects on five issues related to LLL and adult education; find synergies and discuss how to make the best use of results

Towards a new paradigm of ecological economy and social innovation in Europe?

[Date: 2012-09-26]

The results of the EU research project PASHMINA will be presented and discussed in Brussels on 16 October 2012 at a stakeholder conference entitled: "Towards a new paradigm of ecological economy and social innovation in Europe?".

Visions of Sustainable Economic Growth: A Transatlantic Dialogue on Energy, Water, and Innovation

[Date: 2012-09-26]

The Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy, the European Commission, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars organized this EU-US Summit, which has been sponsored by the US National Science Foundation, the American Department of Energy, and the European Commission (DG Research and Innovation).

EU-Turkey Networking Event on Inclusive, Innovative and Secure Societies

[Date: 2012-09-24]

This event aims at bringing together stakeholders (universities, research institutions, civil society organizations, SMEs, public bodies, etc.) in order to meet potential coordinators and partners in a fruitful networking environment on the theme of Inclusive.

The politicisation of migration in Europe

[Date: 2012-09-17]

This Conference, co-organised by the European Policy Centre, in collaboration with the Support to Opposition and Migration (SOM) Project research team, will discuss the findings of this project on the politicisation of migration in seven European countries: Austria, Belgium, Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland.

Research for sustainable urbanisation - Turning challenges into opportunities
Thematic side-event to the Mayor's Forum organised on 19-20/09/2012

[Date: 2012-09-03]

The event will discuss the research dimension of the EU-China Partnership for Sustainable Urbanisation through the contributions of three initiatives supported by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Research and Innovation.

Historical patterns of development and underdevelopment: Origins and persistence of the great divergence
HIPOD final conference

[Date: 2012-09-03]

HI-POD aims at advancing our understanding of the causes of development and underdevelopment by quantifying the relative growth experiences of the European core and periphery, and the rest of the world, from the Middle Ages until today; and by analysing the intra-regional and inter-regional causes of these divergent trends.

New skills and jobs: Which employment pathways for Europe?

[Date: 2012-08-31]

The Europe 2020 employment strategy, and in particular its initiative 'An agenda for new skills and jobs', aims to support the full employment goal of the Lisbon Treaty.

Hard work? Pursuing quality of work and life in European low-wage sectors - WALQING final conference

[Date: 2012-08-30]

Creating "more and better jobs": With this formula, the European Employment Strategy announced its main aim for the following decades in 2000. But has this double objective been put into practice?

WWWforEurope conference on "Modelling Growth and Socio-ecological Transition" - Call for papers extended deadline to: 31/08/2012

[Date: 2012-08-22]

In the frame of the EU research project WWWforEurope, the Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO) has launched a Call for Papers for the conference on "Modelling Growth and Socio-Ecological Transition", Vienna, 12-13 March 2013.

Changing Linguistic Landscapes: Languages, Law and Multilingualism in Context

[Date: 2012-07-23]

The European linguistic landscape is experiencing a profound transformation. Innovations and changes in language policies, education, migration patterns etc. challenge and change the roles and functions of languages within and between states, ethnic groups and nations.

The socio-cultural integration of Muslim minorities in Europe
EURISLAM project final conference

[Date: 2012-06-11]

From 2008 till 2012 an international team based at six universities conducted extensive research on the social-cultural integration of Europe's four largest Muslim groups in six European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and The United Kingdom).

Enhancing knowledge for renewed policies against poverty - Launching of the NOPOOR project

[Date: 2012-05-30]

The project NOPOOR aims at rethinking the poverty concept and at developing strategies that may lead the people out of poverty. The project will address the multiple dimensions of poverty in their processes and interactions.

"Active Ageing - the Potential for Society" Conference and Brokerage Event

[Date: 2012-05-07]

NET4SOCIETY, the network of National Contact Points, supporting and promoting Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) researchers' engagement in FP7, will host a transnational research and brokerage event, which is an official satellite event of the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF).

Final WIOD Conference "Causes and Consequences of Globalisation"

[Date: 2012-04-23]

Policy makers and societies are facing pressing trade-offs between socio-economic and environmental objectives in the globally integrated world while economic growth also induces growth in the use of non-renewable resources.

Science, Innovation, Firms and Markets in a Globalised World
SCIFI-GLOW final policy workshop

[Date: 2012-04-12]

This high-level policy-oriented event, is being organised by the Centre for Economic Policy Research in collaboration with leading academics who have been involved in the European Commission funded collaborative research programme "Science, Innovation, Firms and Markets in a Globalised World" (SCIFI-GLOW).

Processes Influencing Democratic Ownership and Participation (PIDOP)
A half-day briefing meeting for policymakers, organised by the FP7 PIDOP Consortium

[Date: 2012-03-30]

The purpose of this half-day meeting is to brief policymakers on some of the main findings which have emerged from the project, and to describe and discuss the policy implications of these findings.

Politics, economics and global governance: the European Dimension.
PEGGED final conference

[Date: 2012-03-22]

Presentations by leading academics will examine pressing areas in economic policy making, at both the European and global levels.

Final policy informing workshop organised by the SHRINK SMART project "Governance of Shrinkage within a European Context"

[Date: 2012-03-19]

During the last decade, population shrinkage has become a normal path for many European cities. In the future, it is likely that Europe will have to deal with the consequences of the de-population of its urban regions.

Outcomes of the "Development of European identities" conference held on 09/02/2012 available

[Date: 2012-03-19]

This conference addressed the extremely timely question of the Development of European identities, especially in the current context of financial, economic and social crises.

Institutional Changes and Trajectories of Socio-Economic Models
ICaTSEM final workshop

[Date: 2012-03-13]

The ICaTSEM project (Institutional Changes and Trajectories of Socio-Economic Models) has been conducted under the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission.

Mapping European Union in the World
Three round tables between stakeholders and researchers organised by EuroBroadMap project

[Date: 2012-03-01]

The research team of the EuroBroadMap research project, co-funded by the European Commission FP7 SSH Programme, is organising a seminar to present and discuss its main findings with policymakers and civil society organizations.

Outcomes of the "Joint database on intangibles for European policy making - Data from INNODRIVE, COINVEST and the Conference Board" conference held on 14/12/2011

[Date: 2012-02-14]

Intangible investment - like scientific R&D, training/ human capital, IPRs, architectural and engineering designs, market research, organisational structures among others - are at the core of innovation dynamism and smart growth.

Confronting uncertainty in European labour markets in the crisis
Joint ETUI-GUSTO one-day conference

[Date: 2012-01-19]

The 2008 financial crisis and its continuing aftermath have thrown into question earlier European policies concerning flexibility and security in labour markets.

Climate Change and Water Security in the Middle East

[Date: 2012-01-17]

This research/policy panel event aims at bringing the researchers, EU policymakers and NGOs together to discuss climate change and water security in the Middle East and appropriate policy responses.