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Global Europe 2050 – The World and Europe up to 2050: EU Policies and Research Priorities

28 November 2011, European Commission, 73 Rue Archimède, Brussels, Belgium

The views expressed in the following presentations and speeches are the sole responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.

Any citation of the content of these presentations and speeches should only take place with the prior agreement of the authors. The sources of all such citations should be correctly referenced.

Speakers presentations

  • Octavi Quintana
  • Andrea Ricci (889KB)
  • Lionel Fontagné (429KB)
  • Anette Braun (1.5MB)
  • Henri Bogaert (452KB)
  • Joyeeta Gupta (399KB)
  • Jaap de Zwaan (158KB)
  • Leopold Summerer (8MB)
  • Philine Warnke (272KB)
  • Domenico Rossetti (683KB)