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Evidence-base policy conference "Youth and Social Inclusion" 'Social inclusion of youth on the margins of society: more opportunities, better access, and higher solidarity'

17-18 November 2011, Brussels, Belgium
European Commission DG Education & Culture,
MADOU Auditorium

Presentations and biographies

The views expressed in the following presentations and speeches are the sole responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.

Any citation of the content of these presentations and speeches should only take place with the prior agreement of the authors. The sources of all such citations should be correctly referenced.

Speakers presentations


Thematic Session I:

Overcoming Biographical Disadvantages - Individual agency of disadvantaged young people

  • Sonia Jackson: Can we break the chain of intergenerational exclusion? [381KB]
  • Júlia Szalai: Breaking through the "ethnic ceiling": Mobility aspirations of adolescents from "visible" minority backgrounds [227KB]
  • Nora Duckett: Overcoming Biographical Disadvantages - Looking backward and moving forward: What can be learned from listening to homeless young people?
    with an audio contribution by Saron Tewelde, young homelessness co-researcher. Listen to Saron's testimony [5.31MB] | with transcript .
  • Les Back: The Unwanted Europeans: Young Migrants and Institutional Marginalisation [346KB]
  • Simone Baglioni: In the Name of Whom? The Activation of Unemployed and Precarious Workers in Civil Society Organizations [777KB]
  • DISCUSSION, chaired by Olivier Rouland: (DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, EC) and introduced by Joachim Schild (EU-CoE youth partnership)

Thematic Session II:

Inclusive, Accessible and Affordable learning - School- & society-related formal and non-formal learning actions

  • Viola Zentai: The potential and limits of inclusive educational policies in overcoming structural inequalities [227KB]
  • Claire Cameron: Barriers and facilitators: making 'promise' a reality for young people in state care
  • Marta Soler: Combating exclusion through successful educational actions [3.61MB]
  • Patrizia Bussi: From school to WISE- Work Integration Social Enterprise [1.18MB]
  • DISCUSSION, chaired by Carlo Scatoli (DG Education & Culture, EC) and introduced by Andreas Walther (University of Frankfurt)

Thematic Session III:

Pathways of Transitions (to adulthood, parenthood, a job, civic and social integration ) - Policy implications

  • Claire Cameron: Becoming independent? Health, housing and 'leisure' for young people from a public care background
  • Nora Duckett: Transitions to Parenthood - Looking backward and moving forward: What can be learned from listening to homeless young people?
  • Marco Giugni: Social inclusion, political inclusion and well-being of young unemployed and precarious workers [102KB]
  • Katrine Fangen: Young Adult Immigrants: Becoming an Active Citizen in Europe [118KB], with a testimony on her life story by Fatima, born in Norway of Pakistani parents
    Read Fatima's illustrated life story [1.04MB] and her opinion following the conference.
  • DISCUSSION chaired by Sergej Koperdak and introduced by Finn Denstad (both Youth Policy Unit, DG Education & Culture, EC)

Closing Session

  • Howard Williamsson: CONCLUSIONS of the conference[554KB]

  • Round-table Panel Discussion (chosen among policy-makers and stakeholders) with contributions by:
  • Anne Folkvord, Norwegian Ministryof children, equality & social inclusion
  • Mireille Gemmeken, Youth Reserch at the Dutch Youth Institute & PEYR Member
  • Vincent Caron, Policy officer of the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN)
  • Behrooz Motamed-Afshari, freelance expert and trainer on youth and youth policy development with a specific specialization on Eastern Europe and the Caucasus
  • Jan Van Hee, Flemish Agency for Social &Cultural Work for Youth and Adults

Speakers biographies: [205KB]