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EU-US Summit on Science, Technology and Sustainable Economic Growth Post Carbon Transitions, Visions and Challenges

29 September 2011, European Commission, 73 Rue Archimède, Brussels, Belgium

The views expressed in the following presentations and speeches are the sole responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.

Any citation of the content of these presentations and speeches should only take place with the prior agreement of the authors. The sources of all such citations should be correctly referenced.

Speakers presentations

  • Marion Dewar: Welcome and introduction at the conference
  • Bertrand Château: Needs of energy services to 2100 (802KB)
  • David Biette: Energy in North America: Challenges, Choices, and Opportunities (103KB)
  • Carlo Sessa: Urbanization and Post Carbon Transitions (236KB)
  • Yves Crozet: Passenger Mobility in a Post Carbon World (357KB)
  • Nick Gotts: Governance, Infrastructure, Lifestyle Dynamics and Energy Demand (475KB)
  • Patrick Criqui: Post-carbon energy paradigms: 2050 and beyond (1.1MB)
  • Bruce Tonn: On technological and economic issues (323KB)
  • Daniele Benintendi : Competition and collaboration in access to oil, gas and mineral resources: A methodological overview (250KB)
  • Corinna Altenburg: Climate Change and the Great Transformation in Cities (879KB)
  • Pierre Valette: Innovating for Sustainable Growth: a bio-economy for Europe (1MB)
  • Wolfgang Eichhammer: Technology Innovation in Energy End-Uses (903KB)
  • Christer Ryman: Transition challenges - Industry perspective (285KB)
  • Martin Jakob: Technology Innovation in Energy End-Uses - Buildings (353KB)
  • Brieuc Bougnoux: Technology innovation in transport energy end-uses: perspectives and challenges (1MB)
  • Michael Labelle: How to make the transition happen: Institutional effort (381KB)
  • Cheryl Hicks: Transitioning to Post Carbon Lifestyles: Visions & Challenges (2.8MB)
  • Silvio Scanagatta: European Adolescents and PACT future scenarios (1MB)
  • Gabriele Quinti : Lessons from the anticipatory experiences to understand the transition process (144KB)
  • Bertrand Château : Scenarios for post-carbon transitions (803KB)
  • Domenico Rossetti di Valdalbero: Wrap-up session (604KB)

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