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Conference " Towards an open and competitive economy: examining the roots of innovation"
co-organised by the Hungarian Ministry for National Economy and the National Innovation Office together with the European Commission's Joint Research Centre

05 April 2011, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

The conference will showcase how research provides integrated socio-economic and policy support in the fields of macroeconomic policies, the structural reform agenda and the employment, education and skills agenda.

The event will further focus on the trade-offs and frictions between competing objectives, such as the short- versus long-term, while taking into account future constraints and opportunities, such as the impact of economic activities on the environment, the shifting composition and age distribution of Europe's population, and the challenges and opportunities of globalisation.

Among the topics covered will be: the dynamics of industrial structures and the growth of innovative firms; aspects of the digital economy; innovation, competitiveness and flexicurity indicators for European Union policies.