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Conference 'How Does Research Integration Work?'
Brussels - 17 June 2008

Research integration: what is it, how does it work, and where to next?

Connex logoOn 17 June 2008, over 50 representatives from the European Commission and European institutes and universities engaged in a one-day conference on themes related to research integration. Convened under the CONNEX project by Fabrice Larat of the University of Mannheim, and Jakob Edler of the University of Manchester, the conference was inaugurated by opening statements by Jean-Michel Baer, Director of Science, Economy and Society, European Commission. The three subsequent sessions were followed by a round-table discussion on the advantages and limitations of large cooperative projects.

Specifically, the objective of the conference was to assess the work and impact of new instruments in the Social Sciences and Humanities (Priority 7) field under the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6). Integrated Projects (IPs) and Networks of Excellence (NOEs), known as "new instruments", were an overall priority under FP6.

Prior to the conference, 34 IPs and NoEs participated in an online survey to explore the key dimensions of collaborative projects in connection to social and cognitive integration, and the impact of this integration in terms of research progress, scientific community building and contribution to the European Research Area. An evaluation of the survey is available here.

Copies of speaker presentations (indicated below) during the conference are available from the CONNEX website.

Research integration in social sciences - an elusive concept?

Chair: Beate Kohler-Koch, University of Mannheim

Presentations: 'The Commission's objectives and expectations' by Jean-Michel Baer, DG research, and 'Reflections on research integration' by F. Larat, University of Mannheim, and J. Edler, Manchester University.

Making research integration work

Chair: Philippe Laredo, University of Paris Est and University of Manchester, and Mario Tèlo, Free University Brussels

Presentations: 'Consortium composition and rationales underlying projects' by Slava Mikhaylov, Trinity College Dublin; 'Decision making and procedures applied' by Sergio Carrera, CEPS Brussels; 'Organisation and leadership' by Ragnar Lie, University of Oslo; 'Appropriate forms and modes of communication' by Denis Bouget, MSH Nantes; and 'Incentives for and obstacles to cooperation' by Jakob Edler, University of Manchester.

Assessing research integration and its potential impact

Chair: Denis Bouget, MSH Nantes

Presentations: 'Testing a conceptual framework using PRIME as an example' by Terttu Luukkonen of ETLA, and Maria Nedeva of the University of Manchester, and 'Findings from the CONNEX statistical network analysis' by Beate Kohler-Koch of the University of Mannheim.

Presentations delivered during the round table by Fabrice Larat of the University of Mannheim and Andrea Bonaccorsi of the University of Pisa are also available.

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June 17, 2008, Brussels. Various participants at the conference.