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Towards a post-carbon society - 24 October 2007 - Brussels

A conference entitled 'Towards a post-carbon society: European research on economic incentives and social behaviour' was held in Brussels, Belgium, on 24 October 2007. The objective of the conference was to highlight how the political, social and economic dynamics can make a huge difference over the long-term in facing the two major challenges of adaptation to climate change and to more expensive energy resources. The focus of the conference was on the 'demand side' of the energy and climate change debate. It enriches from the social sciences and humanities perspective the scientific and technology initiatives aiming to achieve the European Union greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency and renewables targets.

The report of this conference (3 MB) is available at: Towards a Post-Carbon Society: European research on economic incentives and social behaviour or ask for a paper copy via email.

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