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The Atlantic Geopolitical Space: common opportunities and challenges ( 923KB)

Synthesis Report of a conference jointly organised by DG Research and Innovation and BEPA, European Commission, and held on 1 July 2011
Rapporteur: Mark Aspinwall, 2011 - 34 pp. - ISBN 978-92-79-21628-2

The relations between the "four pillars" of the Atlantic - Europe, Africa, North America, South America - need further and systematic analysis. Paradoxically, the academic and policy interest on the "rise of the Pacific" has not been paralleled yet with an "Atlantic space" perspective which is key for Europe and its partners in the region. The Atlantic region, both North and South, displays strong cultural, political and economic convergence.

The great majority of the countries have embraced multiparty democracies and market economies. The level of economic interdependence in the region, seen by the rise of the volume in trade, has considerably grown during the last decade. At the same time there are important cleavages and diversities to be considered and managed at the multilateral as well as sub-regional levels. Issues discussed at the workshop, by experts from all regions of the Atlantic, included: partnerships between major players; regional integration and Atlantic cooperation; good governance and development; trade, finance and investment; energy and environment; peace building and security challenges.