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Life in the Eurozone with or without Sovereign Default? - PEGGED book ( 2.31MB)

2011 , Editors: Franklin Allen, Elena Carletti, Giancarlo Corsetti,
181 pages

This timely e-book contains the proceeding of the conference "Life in the Eurozone With or Without Sovereign Default?" organized by the PEGGED project, funded by the SSH Theme of FP7. This e- book addresses thoroughly the issue of Sovereing default, notably the case of Greece, and its political consequences for the Euro-zone, for the banking systems and for tax-payers. The books present very different perspectives and possible actions, and most suggest that debt restructuring is inevitable. As highlighted by Josep Borrell Fontelles - former president of the European Parliament - the main contribution of this e-book is that it discusses what such a restructuring could look like. It should be kept in mind, as indicated by Mitu Gulati, that "Greece is almost in a better position than any other country in recent memory to do a restructuring."

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