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Crime and Deviance in the EU - Key findings from EU funded social sciences and humanities research projects ( 2.82MB)

2011, EUR 24858 EN, ISBN 978-92-79-20494-4, doi: 10.2777/63953, 32 pages

In a changing European political landscape, where borders have progressively been erased and people's mobility has become a reality, crime is a fully-fledged European phenomenon, which needs to be analysed from a European and interdisciplinary perspective, within the umbrella of Socio-economic and Humanities disciplines.

Crime statistics must be the starting point of evidence based policy making. Access to existing data should be improved for researchers and citizens alike and shared on information platforms suitable for substantive and comparative analysis. Comparative crime research at EU level has not achieved maturity yet. Data integration should be substantially updated to improve the evaluation of measures to meet EU and national goals of protecting freedom, justice and security. New indicators need to be developed and crime policies need to be assessed against criteria of public confidence in justice, instead of mainly crime control.

The European Commission has funded several research projects in the field of Crime and Deviance, through the Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities Programme, within the 6th and 7th Framework programme for Research and Technological Development.

This policy review summarises main findings of those projects, with the aim of providing a useful tool for policy makers, practitioners as well as researchers in the field of crime and deviance.