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Science, economy and society - Highlights 2010
Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities - Science in Society
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2011, EUR 24797, ISBN 978-92-79-19979-0, doi 10.2777/54837, 44 pages

In 2010 the European Union continued to address the challenges of the Europe 2020 Strategy by funding Research and Innovation and implementing the European Research Area. A key element of this was the funding from the 7th Framework Programme for Research (FP7) devoted to Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities research (SSH). Research which is an important tool enabling the European Commission to analyse the challenges Europe is facing and to support its development of appropriate policy responses. Furthermore the future of Europe is linked to its capacity to integrate science into society and this is supported by the European Commission through the Science in Society (SiS) theme of FP7 with, inter alia, its major efforts at developing the "Fifth Freedom" (i.e. the free movement of knowledge). This report describes the current organisation of SSH and SiS and what happened during 2010 under these headings.