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EuroMed-2030 - Long term challenges for the Mediterranean area. Report of an Expert Group

2011, EUR 24740, ISBN 978-92-79-19519-8, doi 10.2777/4609, 140 pages (PDF icon 4.96MB)

Intensifying the relationship between the European Union and the countries on the Southern and Eastern shores of the Mediterranean has been a key target since the Barcelona process. This objective has been reinvigorated with the Union for the Mediterranean. The "EuroMed-2030" forward looking report is divided into three parts: the trends, the tensions and the transitions in the Mediterranean area in the next two decades. This "EuroMed-2030" report addresses the trends in the fields of demography and macroeconomics, water and agriculture, energy and climate change, education and science, religion and culture, and geopolitics and governance.
Tensions among socio-economic groups, between competing visions of State and reform, between hostile States and between the expectations of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation are identified. Finally, four transitions for the future Euro-Mediterranean relations are presented: managing conflict, win-win projects, deeper economic integration and towards a Euro-Mediterranean Community.