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EuroMed-2030 - Collection of individual contributions of the experts

2011, EUR 24754, ISBN 978-92-79-19667-6, doi 10.2777/49190, 320 pages (PDF icon 2.82MB)

This EuroMed-2030 report collects the individual contributions of the Expert Group that met five times in 2010 to discuss the main Trends, Tensions and potential Transitions in the Euro-Mediterranean region. In the Trends, the experts first look at the economic and social transformation, at water and environment, at political reforms and socio-economic instability factors. The Tensions in the Mediterranean area range from conflict/diplomacy and self reliance/dependency to economic growth/sustainable development and jobs/migration. The four proposed Transitions are entitled "Managing conflicts", "Engaging in win-win projects", "Deeper economic integration" and "Towards a EuroMed Community".