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European Arts Festivals: Strengthening cultural diversity

2011, EUR 24749, ISBN 978-92-79-19569-3, doi 10.2777/48715, 72 pages (PDF icon 1.57MB)

The Euro-Festival project - funded under the Social Sciences and Humanities theme of the European Union's Seventh Research Framework Programme - presents some of its main research findings in this publication.

Who is the main driver of the process of cultural integration? The nation state, the European Union or private initiatives? What is the purpose of festivals? Branding, urban regeneration and democratisation, or rather transmitting the ideas of openness, dialogue, curiosity, cultural diversity, internationalism and critical inquiry? Do we need more European initiatives in the area of festivals, and, if yes, how should this be supported?

This publication addresses these and other questions that will be of interest to policymakers at the EU, national, regional and local level, those engaged in the culture sector and European citizens.