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Communicating research for evidence-based policymaking - a practical guide for researchers in Socio-economic sciences and humanities

2010, EUR 24230 EN, ISBN 978-92-79-14858-3, ISSN 1018-5593, doi 10.2777/9276, 56 pages (PDF icon 1.41MB)

In today's enlarged European Union, the demand for policy-relevant evidence is greater than ever before. Policymakers need accurate and timely input from the research community in order to assess socio-economic challenges and propose effective strategies for tackling them.

This guide offers practical advice on how to build a functional communications interface between researchers and policymakers. Advocating a cooperative approach to the policy design process, it is specifically tailored to meet the needs of those involved in EU-funded socio-economic research projects.

Communicating research for evidence-based policymaking provides essential help in creating policy briefs, project websites, flyers and brochures. It offers insights into dealing with the press and contains valuable suggestions on how to organise a final conference. With this guide, researchers should be better able to develop and implement a successful dissemination strategy.