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Garnet Book Series "Europe in the World"

Meine Pieter van Dijk (ed.); Amsterdam University Press; EADI; ISBN 978 90 8964 136 6; e-ISBN 978 90 4851 064 1; NUR 754/759; 224 p.

The Routledge GARNET series, Europe in the World, provides a forum for innovative research and current debates emanating from the research community within the GARNET Network of Excellence "Global Governance, regionalisation and Regulation: The Role of the EU", a project supported by the 6th Research Framework Programme of the European Commission. The Routledge GARNET series will provide an outlet for research on a wide range of issues related to regulation in the context of regional and global governance, the representation and participation of the EU in global governance, and regionalism in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The book series aims to address the broad processes of governance, including the turn to governance in international relations, and in the political and social relations inherent in the different forms of regionalism. With a specific orientation shaped by the 'Europe in the world' concern of the network, this series goes beyond the traditional disciplinary boundaries to offer a more integrated and holistic set of literature that focuses on regulation, governance, and regional polity-building. The series embraces multi-disciplinary perspectives to cover questions of relevance to contemporary society, amidst the challenges to regional cooperation in dealing with poverty and human welfare, peace, security, and social justice.

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