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The world in 2025 - Rising Asia and socio-ecological transition PDF icon (816KB)

Brussels, 2009, EUR 23921 EN, ISBN 978-92-79-12485-3, ISSN 1018-5593, DOI 10.2777/2539, 28 pages

Recent developments in the world and the strong European commitment to a regulating globalisation argue in favour of a forward looking analysis. "The World in 2025" first underlines the major future trends: geopolitical transformations in terms of population, economic development, international trade and poverty. Secondly, it identifies the likely tensions: natural resources (food, energy, water and minerals), migrations or urbanisation. Finally, it defines possible transitional pathways: towards a new production and consumption model, towards new rural-urban dynamics, towards a new gender and intergenerational balance. "Rising Asia and socio-ecological transition" is the explicit sub-title that could be an inspiring source for the future strategy of the European Union.