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Gisèle Sapiro: "Les Contradictions de la Globalisation Editoriale"

Editor: Nouveau Monde, 2009, ISBN 978-2-84736-392-0, EAN 9782847363920, 412 pages

The trade of books is first of all a question of territories: linguistic areas, distribution territories, national legal and political boundaries, imaginary territories linking identities and places. Far from opening a new free circulation, globalisation is a fight for the redefinition of the territories for the distribution of cultural products. This edited book is a first attempt to understand the effects of globalisation on the book market through the use of empirical studies. It gathers several disciplines and expertises in sociology, history and translation. It looks at various levels between the large editing groups to the small independent editing companies. It assesses the geopolitical stakes and their representations after the fall of the Berlin Wall and studies the flows of translation between countries and, ultimately, how books now circulate (or do not circulate) in the world. This book has been published within the ESSE project under the 6th Research Framework Programme.