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Jean-Marc NOLLET

SME Conference is perfect platform for change

The research and innovation small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) Conference under the Belgian presidency will take place in November of this year. This unique event puts SMEs in direct contact with key personnel and Ministers from three EU presidencies - past, present and future. The conference is the ideal platform for SMEs to influence the highest level of EU policymakers and air their views on what improvements can be made to the Framework Programme.

In an exclusive interview, we talk to Jean-Marc Nollet, Walloon Community Minister for Children, Research and Public Service, about this event and what key points must be addressed.

The SME Conference is built around SMEs, from an SME perspective, and will be divided into three stages that cover the complete innovation cycle: from initial idea to implementation and exploitation. Through a roundtable discussion and open debate with policymakers and Ministers from three EU presidencies

Registration for the SME conference is open from the 25th of June at the following website:


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  • Lead Story:

    SME Conference is perfect platform for change

    Minister for Research under the Belgian Presidency looks ahead at the unique SME Conference in November and its significance for improving EU-funded research programmes.

  • Actions:

    European SME Week 2010 draws crowds

    Almost 1 500 events and an audience of over 3 million, European SME Week highlights the importance and support available to innovative SMEs in Europe.

  • Points of View:

    Making SME participation simple

    The European Commission has proposed a number of simplifications to make participating in EU-funded research less complicated and more attractive to SMEs. Wolfgang Burtscher, Deputy Director-General of DG Research gives his view on what these changes could mean for SMEs.

  • Success Story:

    Spider-man spins web to create revolutionary bone and cartilage replacement

    SME coordinated project develops truly revolutionary bone transplant material that can repair damaged bones and cartilage - something never before possible.

  • Policy:

    Impact assessment highlights need to shift focus to SMEs

    Impact Assessment reveals SMEs were the largest group of participants in FP5 and FP6, and 80% had a positive impact on research. However, there is a need to shift focus from increasing SME numbers to increasing the impact research has on SMEs.

  • Events:

    Building knowledge and networks for SMEs

    Networking and matchmaking events and workshops for the SME community across Europe.
    Registration for the SME conference is open from the 25th of June at the following website:

  • Facts & Figures:

    More measures needed to reach SME grants target in FP7

    A look at the latest Progress Report on SME participation in FP7, which shows some positive signs. But there is still a need for additional measures to be taken.

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