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Angiogenesis is the physiological process involving the growth of new blood vessels from pre-existing vessels. It is a normal and vital part of growth, development and healing. It is also a fundamental step in the transition of tumours from a dormant state to a malignant one.




BioInvent is a research-based pharmaceutical company developing innovative antibody drugs to target diseases with unmet clinical need.




Framework programme: Implemented since 1984, FPs are the main financial tools through which the European Union supports research and development in almost all scientific disciplines. FPs are proposed by the European Commission and adopted by Council and the European Parliament. The current FP7 will run for seven (2007-2013).



High-tech / Low-tech

High technology: highly advanced technological development.

Low technology: less advanced technological development capabilities.


Head of Unit
Person responsible for a specific team (unit) within the Research Directorate-General of the European Commission.



Intellectual property rights: These are the legal rights granted to the creators of work that is the result of intellectual creativity. This usually refers to four major categories of intellectual property: patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. In the case of the Research for the benefit of SMEs scheme SMEs outsource the research to the research performers in the projects i.e. Universities, research centres etc. who carry out the research, the IPR remains by default with the SMEs unless otherwise agreed.




Knowledge Based Bio-economy plays a crucial role in any global economy. It is the understanding that knowledge is the best way to increase productivity and competitiveness and to improve quality of life, while protecting the environment and social model. It is an industry sector said to be worth €1.5 trillion per year. The primary function of the Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology research theme under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) is to build a European KBBE.


NCP (National Contact Points).

NCPs provide information and guidance to SMEs wishing to participate in EU research and are able to offer personalised support in the proposer’s own language. The NCPs are usually national structures set up and financed by the governments of the 27 EU Member States and the states associated to the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).



Placental Growth Factor

Placental Growth Factor is an angiogenic factor in the body that supports the growth of blood vessels. It does not affect normal physiological angiogenesis but only pathological angiogenesis, such as that required for tumour growth.



R & D

Research & Development.

For the purpose of FP7 R & D can be considered the discovery of new knowledge about products, processes, and services, and then applying that knowledge to create new and improved products, processes, and services that fill market needs.

RTD Performers

Research, Technology and Development Performers: These are legal entities able to carry out research and technological development on behalf of and for the benefit of SMEs. They are often universities, research organisations and industrial companies.




Small and Medium sized Enterprise. The European Commission defines an SME as a legal entity engaged in economic activity with less than 250 employees and having an annual turnover less than € 50 million or a balance sheet total not exceeding € 43 million and be autonomous.




The Cooperation Programme of FP7 is divided into 10 themes. They reflect the most important fields of knowledge and technology where research excellence is particularly important to improve Europe’s ability to address its social, economic, public health, environmental and industrial challenges of the future.

As the Research for the benefit of SMEs scheme is a bottom-up scheme open to any area of research and development the European Commission uses a subject index classification scheme to organise its information and to divide SMEs into. These may differ from the above and include for example: Biotechnology, healthcare & medical equipment, Energy & Transport or Construction