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Facts & Figures:

Recent research proposal results show 65% of participants are SMEs

Facts & Figures

Did you know?

  • The EU targets EUR 5 billion (15% of the total budget) to go to SMEs participating in the Seventh Framework Programme’s (FP7) Cooperation Programme. That’s an average of EUR 275 000 for each SME participating.
  • In addition, the EU contributes EUR 1 billion to SMEs in the Capacities Programme of FP7 – 77% of its total budget of EUR 1.3 billion.
  • On average, a project in the Research for SMEs scheme receives EUR 1 million.
  • On average, a project in the Research for SMEs Associations receives EUR 2.3 million.
  • It is estimated that 20 000 SMEs will benefit from FP7.
  • EU research for FP7 costs the EU’s 500 million tax-paying citizens just EUR 14 each a year.

FP7 Research for SMEs – Evaluation Results

The most recent call for research proposals to take part in FP7’s Cooperation Programme generated some encouraging figures in terms of SME participants.

  • A total of 660 proposals were received, of which 132 have been retained for funding.
  • 5 316 participants were involved in proposals, 3 477 (65%) of which are SMEs.
  • 1 088 participants are involved in proposals being retained for funding, 724 (67%) of which are SMEs.
  • The average project budget was EUR 1.4 million, and the EU contribution to this reached 76%. Here is a comprehensive outline of the countries, activities and participants involved in this call for research proposals. Each of the below images is a link to the corresponding chart. Please click on image to enlarge and see details