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MSW 2010 - Sharing to innovate

Event type: Matchmaking
Date: 4-5 May 2010
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Micronano System Worskshop (MSW) 2010 targets companies, research institutes and universities that offer innovative technologies and are looking for technological solutions or partners for EU-funded research projects. The event aims to create networks between such organisations to foster technical cooperation.


Baltic Sea Investment and Business Cooperation Forum

Event type: Matchmaking
Date: 13-14 May 2010
Location: Klaipeda, Lithuania

Organised in the framework of the International Lithuanian-German Business Conference, this matchmaking event invites companies from the Baltic Sea region to meet and discuss their targets for innovation and research. The event will have a focus on renewable energy, tourism, services, industry and R&D.


Genera 2010

Event type: Matchmaking
Date: 20 May 2010
Location: Madrid, Spain

Genera 2010 is an international energy and environment trade fair that showcases the complete cross-section of energy sources and related industries. An international technology transfer day is planned that aims to provide a meeting point for technology requests within the renewable energy field.


Engineering 2010

Event type: Matchmaking
Date: 27 May 2010
Location: Nitra, Slovakia

Engineering 2010 is a matchmaking event being held during the 17th International Engineering Trade Fair, due to take place from 25 to 28 May 2010. The event targets organisations looking for or offering technologies, tools and solutions in the engineering industry.


European SME week

Event type: pan-European conferences and information days
Date: 25 May - 1 June 2010
Location: Various

The second European SME week is a pan-European campaign taking place in 37 countries in which numerous events and activities take place. The aim of each event is to provide information on the available support for SMEs, to promote entrepreneurship and to give recognition to those SMEs that have contributed to Europe’s development. Organised by the European Commission, last year’s SME week saw more than 1 200 national and local events take place.