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Success Story:

SMEís research lands EUR 50 million investment for revolutionary cancer treatment

Dr Titti Martinsson-Niskanen

The treatment of cancer is one of the most important areas of research in the medical world. A small research-based pharmaceutical company from Sweden has, together with its partner in Belgium, developed an innovative form of treatment that stops the growth of cancerous tumours through angiogenesis, the process by which new blood vessels are produced in the body. Three years on, the company has announced its results and secured a EUR 50 million investment from global pharmaceutical giant Roche.

Why it worked

Different forms of expertise, good communication and strong planning were the reasons for Angiostopís success, Dr Niskanen believes. 'Our detailed programme ensured everyone knew what to do and when to do it. Each partner then used [their] expertise to contribute to the overall target of the project. And we regularly communicated through e-mail and in meetings to share knowledge, ensure everyone was kept up to date and to address any issues that arose.'

BioInventís size, with less than 100 staff, is tiny in comparison to most successful pharmaceutical companies. But Dr Niskanen feels this was an advantage: 'As a small company we were able to be flexible. When an issue arose, little time passed before a solution was presented; we could reallocate people and resources easily, unlike in larger companies.'

Having now secured a lucrative contract, Dr Niskanen is about to publish Angiostopís results for the first time at a clinical scientific conference in Boston, Massachusetts.

'Itís been quite a journey. I only wonder where it will take us next.'

Getting started
The programme
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