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Dr Bernd Reichert

Assessment reveals positive impact on SMEs

The Impact Assessment on small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) specific measures, which evaluates the economic and practical impact of the Fifth and Sixth Framework Programmes (FP5 and FP6 respectively), is almost complete. But before it is published, we talk to Dr Bernd Reichert, head of the SME unit, to get a sneak preview of the latest findings.

Measuring the impact that FP5 and FP6 have had on SMEs throughout Europe is no small feat. Turning those measurements into effective guidance and policies to improve the next FP is an even more daunting task, a task that Dr Bernd Reichert and the SME unit are consistently working on.

With the assessment due for publication soon, Dr Reichert talks to us about the team’s latest and most interesting findings.


Latest Information

Calls for Proposals

Title  Specific calls for SMEs
Title  General open calls
  • Actions:

    Health funding targets SMEs

    The European Commission’s Health programme aims to provide 15% of its funding to SMEs – an ambitious target.

  • Points of View:

    Health boost for high-tech SMEs

    After helping high-technology SMEs obtain EU funding for health projects for the past three years, the ‘SMEs go Health’ initiative has published a new topic for the fourth Health call to promote the participation of SMEs.

  • Success Story:

    SME’s research lands EUR 50 million investment for revolutionary cancer treatment

    To go from being a small biotech company to selling our project to such a large industry player is fantastic. It’s just a great testament to our work and has propelled us into the limelight across the medical world.

  • Policy Update:

    SME funding target in sight

    The Health category in the Cooperation Programme is attracting one of the highest SME participation rates, yet funding for SMEs needs to ramp up if the 15 per cent funding target is to be reached.

  • Events:

    Building knowledge and networks for SMEs

    Brokerage events, Workshops and Matchmaking fairs for the SME community.

  • Facts & Figures:

    Latest SME call produces 669 proposals from 31 countries

    Applying coordinators from the third call on Research for SMEs show continuing interest in SME progression.
    The Autumn 2009 report on SME Participation in FP7 has been published.

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