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Building knowledge and networks for SMEs


Networking can be one of the most invaluable forms of activity for an SME. It can build knowledge, understanding and develop partnerships. Here is a look at some of the key conferences, workshops and fairs aimed at SMEs in early 2010.

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Fourth World Congress of Gynaecological Endocrinology

Event type: Congress
Event date: 4-7 March 2010
Location: Florence, Italy

Organised into Plenary Lectures and Plenary Seminars, this event will see the presentation and discussion of the latest research into gynaecological endocrinology.


Week of Innovative Regions in Europe

Event type: Conferences
Event date: 15-17 March 2010
Location: Granada, Spain

This week long event takes the form of three different conferences that the Spanish government aims to use to focus the attention of political leaders and social stakeholders on the competitiveness of European regions. The conferences will look at the use of the resources devoted to research & development in Europe.

January 2010 | February 2010 | March 2010