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Impact study shows that 40% of SMEs declared an increase in commercial output as a result of their research project.

The main finding of the Impact Assessment on SME specific measures will show that approximately 40% of SMEs declared that their projects, carried out during FP5 and FP6 programmes, resulted in commercial benefit or that a benefit is expected in the future. The final report is due to be published in October. In the meantime Dr Bernd Reichert, head of the SME unit, takes us through this and some of the other key findings from the draft report.

The Impact Assessment on SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) specific measures evaluates the economic and practical impact of FP5 and FP6 Programmes...


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  • Actions:

    SME Advisory Group – helping SME’s think BIG

    Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) constitute the largest
    and most dynamic sector of Europe’s economy.

  • Points of View:

    Effective proposals: an evaluator’s perspective

    Funding for technological development and research is a key area
    of the EU’s Research Framework Programme (FP7).

  • Success Story:

    Fantastic plastic

    Since its invention in 1872, plastic injection moulding has become
    a multi-billion dollar business, with 32% of all plastics processed in this way.

  • Policy Update:

    Fueling innovation in SMEs

    DG Enterprise’s Strategy Unit on Innovation Policy Development would
    like to make Europe the world’s leading centre for innovation.

  • Events:

    Conferences, exhibitions and seminars

    Worthwhile briefings for the SME community

  • Facts & Figures:

    New publication: SME participation in FP7 Spring 2009 report now available.

    Latest figures from the Research for the benefit of SME Associations call reveals SME participation is growing.

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