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Smaller companies get the most out of EU funding

Our Research Connections conference and exhibition in Prague was a huge success, not just for the Directorate-General for Research (DG RTD), but also for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). There's never been a better time to get involved in our programmes with more opportunities and a higher level of funding than ever before. Simplifying access to grants and increasing the availability of finance for SMEs should accelerate investment nationally and regionally. This is great news for SMEs in the newer Member States - they now have a real opportunity to develop innovation in their own countries for the first time in years.


It's also an exciting time for the new Research Executive Agency (REA) which is all set to gain its autonomy from the Commission on 15 June. The pressure is on for the new Brussels-based organisation to perform. The REA should be able to devote more energy to the efficient management of projects and proposals.


In Points of View, Nanocyl's Executive Director of Research and Development, Dr Frederic Luizi, puts forward his views on what SMEs really get out of the EU's research programmes and suggests some improvements. Dr Luizi is an old hand at European projects, with a lot of experience under the Sixth and now the Seventh Framework Programmes (FP6 and FP7 respectively).


Success Story shows how the work of one Belgian SME has led to a Europe-wide research programme. EU support for research pioneered by ITS Belgium is helping the SME get in on the ground floor, linking it up with other SMEs and technology providers to create an eventual ecosystem of standards, products and services right across Europe.


Forming part of the recent EU Sustainable Energy Week, an SME Workshop co-organised by DG RTD's SME unit (T.4) showed that SMEs are making a big impact on sustainable energy research. In Policy Update, we show how SMEs are punching above their weight in this key area of research.
And in Facts & Figures, our third progress report reveals more information about those SMEs applying for Framework Programme funding.

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    Research funding for SMEs under the spotlight

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    The work of one Belgian SME has led to a European-wide research programme

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