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We've put together details of a wide range of research conferences and seminars, all of which are geared towards valuable networking, information gathering and getting support for your projects.

Sustainable development - a challenge for European research
26-28 May 2009, Brussels, Belgium

This three-day event highlights the multiple ways in which European research contributes to global sustainable development. These include understanding the environment, technological solutions and influencing mindsets and behaviours.

Forum on the global recession and implications for European development cooperation
27 May 2009, Brussels, Belgium

Leading experts will analyse critical issues surrounding the current global recession and its effects on developing countries. This is organised by the 'European development cooperation to 2020' (EDC 2020) project.

European research career fair
28 May 2009, Berlin, Germany

Organised by the Association for the Employment of Managers (APEC) and the Franco-German Forum (FFA), this event is expected to attract 60 exhibitors and 1 500 European researchers, offering the chance to obtain personal professional advice.

European summer school on technology-enhanced learning (TEL)
30 May-6 June 2009, Terchová, Slovakia

The programme includes lectures and working sessions from professors in TEL, and tutoring, mentoring and joint research opportunities. Additionally, the school will offer practical sessions in research methodology for TEL.

EuroNanoForum 2009
2-5 June, Prague, Czech Republic

The event - the fourth of a set of international nanotechnology conferences - addresses the contribution and challenges of nanotechnology research. An industrial exhibition will highlight the latest in implementation of nanotechnology and industrial products.

The innovation economy - getting new ideas, new partners and new growth for the global economy
2 June, Brussels, Belgium

The conference is focused on how to go about creating the right global climate to deliver innovation. An estimated 200 participants will discuss a range of topics relevant to small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), including high-growth entrepreneurship and getting ideas from lab to market, university research - competition versus collaboration, and international research and development collaboration.

3-5 June 2009, Paris, France

The fifth edition of the European Research and Innovation Exhibition (SERI) provides an opportunity to explore and analyse how the role of research and innovation functions in connection with current scientific topics.

Eurodigimeet 2009
5 June, Paris, France

The main aims of this event are to match the needs of European digital businesses and technology and encourage scientific, industrial and technical cooperation between European companies.

Nanotechnologies partnering event
9-11 June 2009, Turin, Italy

The fifth Nanoforum offers opportunities to learn about the latest trends in nanotechnology on a global level and to establish contacts with Italian and foreign researchers.

16-19 June 2009, Poznan, Poland

This is an exhibition and conference for SMEs working in surface transport. International experts will give SMEs an overview of the existing mechanisms to support research and development activities under FP7, and provide guidelines on how to build a successful strategy, from generating ideas to submitting proposals.

EU Finance Day for SMEs
28 May 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria
16 June 2009, Dublin, Ireland
30 June 2009, London, UK

EU Finance Day for SMEs is a series of events in the Member States that the European Commission is organising to inform about the EU financial instruments for SMEs together with the national financial intermediaries that implement these instruments locally. The aim is to raise awareness about different sources of finance and provide a forum for sharing good practices in helping innovative SMEs get easier access to finance. Two events are scheduled in Dublin and London on the 16 June and 30 June respectively.