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What are Industry and Academia Partnerships and Pathways?


IAPP are partnerships between public and private research organisations based on a common research project and aim to increase the exchange of skills between the two sectors.

In essence, they are a two-way secondment between Industry and academia. A consortium comprises at least one research organisation from the public sector and one from the private sector. Participating organisations must be from at least two different Member States or Associated Countries.

Funding covers:

  • exchange of know-how and experience between private sector and academia through secondments of research staff of the participants
  • recruitment of experienced staff from outside the partnership, for facilitating the transfer of knowledge and/or the training of staff
  • networking activities, organisation of workshops and conferences, involving the participantsí own research staff and external researchers
  • research equipment funding for SMEs with up to 10 per cent of the EU contribution for each SME participant.

Proposals from all areas of scientific and technological research are funded.