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Transnational opportunities for SMEs

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The first source of funding for transnational research projects is being offered through the Community FP7. Our Actions section reports on how SMEs can access an enlarged offer of support for their research and innovation ideas in international partnerships. CORNET II and EraSME² represent an alternative funding route to enter into international R&D cooperation with other organisations via their national and regional funding programmes.

CORNET II aims to improve the impact of collective research programmes by offering them a platform upon which to collaborate and develop a sustainable transnational programme at the European level. Collective research serves the need of a large number of SMEs represented by an Association acting on their behalf. Any knowledge generated through a collective research project is widely disseminated throughout the SME community. The 2nd call for proposals closed on 7 November 2008. Two further calls are planned for 2009 (please refer to the Cornet II website where the call information will be published).

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Building on the participating national/regional programmes in the Member States and countries associated with FP7, EraSME² is targeting SMEs with limited or no research capacity which need to cooperate with research and technology organisations (RTOs) to acquire new knowledge for their product development process.

Over the next two years, the EraSME² consortium will launch four joint calls for funding proposals. The next joint call has already been announced and has a submission date of 31 March 2009.

Both CORNET II and EraSME² will work more closely together. As a first step, the two initiatives will establish a common back office which will deal with operations, each initiative keeping however its own identity and target group.