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The experience gleaned from WomEn2FP6 has now been transferred into a secondary project, WE-Mentor which is twinning four experienced regions as mentors with four regions less experienced in women entrepreneur support issues.

The mentee regions are one member state (Romania), one candidate country (Turkey), one associated (Israel) and one third country (India). The mentor regions are Belgium, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Working in pairs, the mentors will analyse the existing mentees' infrastructures and environments to develop an implementation plan for training and support. The mentee regions will be trained on good practices gained in WomEn2FP6 in how to approach, motivate and facilitate women entrepreneurs' participation in European Research and Technological Development (EU RTD).

In a second step the mentees will implement the good practices in their regions and start a set of activities to promote women participation in EU RTD. Mentors will support the implementation process and involve role models from their own regions.

A database of women entrepreneurs' expertise for the initiation of trans-national project partnerships, developed under WomEn2FP6, will be expanded to the new mentee regions.