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New programmes provide huge support for SMEs

This is a great time for SMEs to be exploring research opportunities in Europe. By signing up to the new Eurostars Programme, you'll have a great opportunity to drive leading international collaborations. And first indications from the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) show that SMEs are increasing their share of the research pie. If this positive trend continues, it's estimated that on average EUR 1 billion in research funding will be made available to SMEs annually throughout FP7's lifespan.

The small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) Unit is pursuing a comprehensive strategy to optimise SMEs' participation in and benefit from Community research Framework programmes. The first wave of activities is the implementation of three projects funded under the call FP7-2007-SME-3.

In Points of View we learn that while many SMEs have become reluctant to receive professional consulting advice, mentoring has been a great success.


The USEandDiffuse and ECOinno2SME projects will also identify good practice for disseminating and then exploiting research results.

A third project - PRESTO - identifies priority research topics for SME Associations by establishing a close and sustainable dialogue with European Technology Platforms (ETPs). These help industrial and academic research communities to coordinate their research and tailor it to a common strategic research agenda (SRA) which sets out research and development goals.

But of course, with the new EU Finance Day for SMEs event running in 27 EU capitals over the next 18 months (see Actions), let's not forget that improving access to finance for European SMEs is crucial for entrepreneurship, competitiveness, innovation and growth. Getting a company off the ground or expanding it requires money, but raising the right kind of finance can be a major difficulty. EU Finance Day for SMEs will try to address some of these issues.

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  • Facts & Figures:

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