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SME Update Issue 19 21 February 2014

Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 Is Open for Business: an Interactive Information Event (March 3)

Discover the SME support toolbox under Horizon 2020 and learn how to make practical use of it!

Follow our webstream via this link, live as of 10 am on March 3, or at a time of your convenience later on.

Welcome to Issue 19 of the SME Update, the online newsletter that brings readers the latest news regarding SMEs in Europe. This issue begins with a description of the SME Instrument, the EU’s new funding tool exclusively for SMEs, before moving on to the newly formed and independent Expert Advisory Group on ‘Innovation in SMEs’. The third article returns to financing, this time the loan guarantees provided through the EU’s Risk Sharing Instrument. The issue concludes as usual with an SME success story, this time the Zeta Pharma company.

Latest Information

Dr Bernd Reichert Editorial

The SME Instrument: Seamless Business Innovation Support from Idea to Market
The ins and outs of the EU’s new tool to provide direct funding to SMEs under Horizon 2020.                                                        
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Mr Uffe Bundgaard-Jørgensen News & Events

Together towards More Innovative SMEs: EU and Experts Join Hands
An independent group of experts monitor, promote and advice on the implementation and impact of the SME-specific measures in Horizon 2020.
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Mr Jean-David Malo News & Events

Risk Sharing Instrument: a Promising Start
The progress so far for the scheme providing guarantees for loans for R&I-driven SMEs, and its proposed evolution under Horizon 2020.     
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Success Story

Zeta Biopharma or how the EU's Risk Sharing Instrument Translates into Innovation and Growth
The story of a medium-sized manufacturer of high-tech plants used in the pharmaceutical industry and its RSI-backed loan.         
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