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SME Update Issue 18 31 October 2013

Horizon 2020

SMEs in Horizon 2020: Information Days (Oct 18 & Nov 25)

Eager to discover the presentation material shown at the first European Commission information day on SMEs in Horizon 2020? Please click here.

Interested in following the second European Commission information day on SMEs in Horizon 2020 via the internet? Please register here.

Welcome to Issue 18 of the SME Update, the online newsletter that brings readers the latest news regarding SMEs in Europe. This issue begins with the “Eurostars 2” programme, which will provide financial support to research-performing SMEs. We also cover the series of awareness-raising events on SME financing called the Finance Days initiative, as well as the impact of the REACH Regulation on SMEs. This issue concludes as usual with an SME success story, this one an account of the SILENTWOOD project’s noise insulation.

Eurostars 2 Editorial

“Eurostars 2”: Support for research intensive SMEs to continue under Horizon 2020
One of the four public-public partnerships of the new Innovation Investment Package is tasked with co-financing the market-oriented transnational research of research-performing SMEs.
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News & Events

Finance Days initiative: Promoting EU financial instruments
The EU-wide series of awareness-raising events to publicise the diversity of EU financial instruments available to facilitate loans, guarantees and venture capital for SMEs.
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News & Events

How REACH can support SMEs in their search for safer chemicals
How the REACH Regulation impacts and offers opportunities to SMEs which manufacture, import, use or retail chemicals.          
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Success Story - SILENTWOOD

SILENTWOOD: Improving noise reduction
The SILENTWOOD project has developed multilayered wall panels and doors with sophisticated noise-reducing properties which contribute to the health and well-being of citizens.
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