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SME Update Issue 17 19 July 2013

Horizon 2020

SMEs in Horizon 2020: Information Days

This autumn, the European Commission will host two Information Days on SME participation to Horizon 2020, specifically directed towards SME support organisations.

Participants will:

  • Learn the latest on practical implementation of the different measures for SME promotion (incl. on the new SME instrument)
  • Discover more about the streamlined support environment that Horizon 2020 proposes
  • Be able to engage into a dialogue with EU officials in order to identify prime opportunities for SME support under Horizon 2020

These events will take place on Friday October 18 and Monday November 25, Belgium.

Starting time in both cases will be 9:30 am. The event on Monday November 25 will be web-streamed and available online later. Both live events are now fully booked, but following the November 25 event via web-streaming should be possible still (details to follow).

Welcome to Issue 17 of the SME Update, the online newsletter that brings readers the latest news regarding SMEs in Europe. This issue focuses on the EuroSME2013 conference that took place in Dublin on 11-12 June and its outcomes. We start with the interesting ideas which arose during the two panel discussions on the ideal SME ecosystem and Open Innovation. Next we allow two high-profile members of the audience to share their experiences via short interviews. This issue concludes with an SME success story on the LikeMeat project, a premium meat alternative much closer to real meat than existing plant-based alternatives.

Latest Information

News & Events

Creating a competitive SME-friendly eco-system
The first panel discussion during the EuroSME2013 conference provided insights on the basic elements for creating an SME-friendly ecosystem that nurtures innovation, delivers growth and provides unhindered access to knowledge.
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News & Events

Making open innovation work for SMEs
The second panel discussion during the EuroSME2013 conference focused on the concept of Open Innovation and discussed the initiatives required to effectively apply it in the SME universe.
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News & Events

EuroSME2013 conference: participants’ view
The article summarises the outcome of the EuroSME2013 conference by interviewing two high-profile participants: Aneta Maszewska, Poland’s SME National Contact Point and Luis Guerra Casanova, FP7 SME Committee Delegate.
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Success Story - LikeMeat

The evolution of a plant-based alternative to meat
The LikeMeat project has developed a premium meat alternative, whose realistic texture and enhanced taste serves as a superior alternative to the meat substitutes currently on the market.
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