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SME Update Issue 16 30 April 2013



The high-level conference which is to take place in Dublin on 11-12 June 2013 under the auspices of the Irish EU presidency, will take a closer look at what it takes to be a thriving entrepreneur in the 21st century, how small companies can compete effectively in an increasingly globalized world, and how they can gain maximum benefit from existing and future private and public support mechanisms. The event will spotlight Horizon 2020, the EU’s upcoming Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, which is less than one year away from its official launch. It also provides an opportunity to make a difference – or help entrepreneurs to make a difference – and shape the EU Innovation Agenda.

Welcome to Issue 16 of the SME Update, the online newsletter that brings readers the latest news regarding SMEs in Europe. This issue introduces three of the themes and ideas which will be voiced at the EUROSME 2013 conference in Dublin on 11-12 June. These centre on different strategies and mindsets which will enable SMEs to thrive and develop, despite the underlying economic conditions. This issue concludes as always with an SME success story, this one an account of an intelligent system to personalise the treatment of HIV.

Latest Information

Anne Lise Kjaer News & Events

Out-of-the-box thinking for SMEs: Lessons on how to thrive in an inclusive economy
Conference key-note speaker Anne Lise Kjaer explains how the particular features of SMEs, such as adaptability and local connections, can enable them to thrive in a period of ongoing global uncertainty.
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Wim Vanhaverbeke News & Events

SMEs in a networked world: Applying open innovation successfully
Another key-note speaker, Wim Vanhaverbeke, describes how the practice of open innovation can be adapted to benefit SMEs as well as larger enterprises.
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Dr Tony Bailetti News & Events

Lead to Win: Canadian business innovation project has lessons for EU stakeholders, SMEs
Panel speaker Tony Bailetti explains how the best practice developed in the Lead to Win project can transform the entire business ecosystem for SMEs.
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Dr Francesca Incardona Success Story - EuResist

EuResist: Enhancing HIV treatment with more precise patient modelling
The EuResist project has developed an intelligent system which takes the patient’s clinical information and the virus’s genetic data to improve the treatment of HIV.
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