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SME Update Issue 13 12 July 2012

Magda De Carli Magda De Carli

FP7 2013 Work Programme: Stimulating innovation, growth and jobs through SMEs

The 2013 Work Programme (WP 2013) is the latest Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) initiative supporting SMEs. It strives to enhance the research and innovation capacities of European SMEs which have little or no research capacity themselves to turn innovative ideas into products and services with clear future market potential. In this way, WP 2013 encapsulates a determined focus on fostering new ideas, supporting world-class teams tackling significant societal challenges, and on ensuring that the results of investments can be properly exploited.

Welcome to Issue 13 of the SME Update, the online newsletter that brings readers the latest news regarding SMEs in Europe. This issue focuses on the 2013 Work Programme (WP2013), the last and largest funding initiative under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). We cover its specific focus on SMEs as well as a general overview and the four activities of its Capacities Work Programme. Additionally, we present an account of another SME success story, namely the demonstration action of the EPOSbed intelligent medical bed.

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Magda De Carli Editorial

FP7 2013 Work Programme: Stimulating innovation, growth and jobs through SMEs
Magda De Carli, deputy head of SME Unit at the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, explains how WP 2013 boosts SMEs’ research and innovation capacities.
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EPOSbed Success Story – EPOSbed-Demo

Making life more comfortable for patients and caregivers
The demonstration activity of EPOSbed is set to bring to the market a smart medical bed which enables bedridden patients to reposition themselves without human help.
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Decorative image FP7 2013 Work Programme

Stimulus for growth and jobs
WP 2013 provides a total of EUR 8.1 billion to tackle Europe’s biggest societal challenges, to support the best researchers and innovators and to exploit research for innovation and economic growth.
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Decorative image FP7 Capacities Work Programme

‘Research for the benefit of SMEs’: Supporting innovative SMEs
The Capacities WP is to provide EUR 252 million to fund four activities which will enable participating SMEs to innovate and to become more competitive in a global market.
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