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Clara de la TORRE

Horizon 2020: Stimulating SME research and innovation

SMEs are to have a pivotal role in achieving the overall objectives of Horizon 2020, the forthcoming framework programme for research and innovation (R&I) in the EU. To facilitate this role, a dedicated instrument will be set up to strengthen the innovative capacity of SMEs in order to boost their competitiveness in European and global markets and to promote company growth.

Set to launch in 2014, Horizon 2020ís objectives are to maximise the contribution of EU-funded R&I to rediscover a path for sustainable growth and to confront the challenges facing Europe.


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  • Editorial:

    Horizon 2020: Stimulating SME research and innovation

    Horizon 2020, the EUís new research framework programme, is to provide substantial support for SMEs to facilitate their innovative contributions in the research domain.

  • News and Events:

    Demonstration activity: Bringing research results to the market

    Demonstration activities are funding packages for SMEs which aim to bridge the gap between the research of a product and its commercial exploitation.

  • Success Stories:

    Reinventing the running shoe

    Supported by EU funding which targets SMEs, researchers have developed a ground-breaking running shoe characterised by a heel-less design.

  • Facts and Figures:

    SME targeted measures stepped up as FP7 funding target comes in

    Current figures reveal that SMEs will soon receive 15% of the total EU funding budget, and thereby meet the target set in the FP7 legislation.