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Facts & Figures:

EUR 6.4 billion - Big investment package puts small businesses first

Facts & Figures

The largest ever investment in research and innovation in Europe has been announced. The EUR 6.4 billion package calls for new research proposals and gives top priority to SMEs with close to EUR 800 million dedicated to them. Here we highlight some of the calls for proposals that are most relevant to SMEs.

Capacities Programme

Research for the benefit of SMEs and SME Associations

Budget: EUR 189 million
Deadline: 8 December 2010

This call is aimed at innovators who wish to solve technical problems and acquire technological know-how to produce new products and services. It is for SMEs and their associations that do not have the necessary in-house expertise and must outsource research to a research performer.


A new Demonstration Action specifically for SMEs

Budget: EUR 15 million
Deadline: 8 December 2010

To be eligible for this call, the project must match the following criteria:

  • At least three participants must be independent SMEs established in at least three Member States or Associated States.
  • These three SMEs must be/have been participants together in a Cooperative Research project under the lat FP6 call (FP6-2004-SME-COOP) OR in a Research for SMEs project in FP7.
  • SMEs who were members together of the ‘SME core group’ in the FP6-2004-SME-COLL call OR who are members together of the ‘other enterprises or end users’ in a Research for SME Associations project in FP7 may also participate.
  • At least 75% of the declared costs must be carried out by the SME(s).

  • For further information, on this call