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SME funding reaches 14.6%

Facts & Figures

The latest progress report on SME participation in the Seventh Frameowrk Progrmme (FP7) reveals that funding levels for SMEs has almost reached the 15% target - a highly encouraging result.

The 6th progress report on SME participation in FP7 is soon to be published and the first details are starting to come in.

The key result is that on average 14.6% of EU funding in the various themes of the Cooperation Programme has gone to SMEs. That is just below the overall target of 15%, and an increase on the previous progress report.

'This is great news and shows that investment in SMEs continues to grow,' says Dr Bernd Reichert, head of the SME Unit. 'The fact that four themes have exceeded the 15% target is even more encouraging. But we must continue to work on the remaining themes and lift overall contribution above and beyond our ambitions.'

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