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The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) organises a wide variety of networking events across Europe. These brokerage events are designed specifically to help SMEs find research partners, discuss opportunities, exchange technologies and services, and provide general assistance in the undertaking of EU-funded research.

Here is a guide to upcoming matchmaking events, including the SME Conference taking place in November under the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

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October 2010

SIAL Match 2010

Event date: 18 - 21 October 2010
Location: Paris, France

EEN is organising an international brokerage event to take place during SIAL (Salon International de l'Agroalimentaire), a global marketplace for all those involved in the food industry. Around 5 500 exhibitors are expected at the event, which provides an opportunity for SMEs to develop new business relationships, exchange experiences and learn more about the global food market.


TEHNOMA Partnering 2010

Event date: 19 October 2010
Location: Skopje, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

The Tehnoma Fair is a marketplace of more than 500 exhibitors involved in the metal industry, metallurgy, electrical engineering, building materials and non-metals. The European Information and Innovation Centre is organising a brokerage event during the international fair for SMEs to develop business relations and exchange technologies.


NEXT 2010
Date: 19 - 21 October 2010
Location: Turku, Finland

New Exploratory Technologies (NEXT) 2010 is an international conference for organisations working in biotechnology, LED-technology and new exploratory technologies. EEN is organising a matchmaking event during the conference for companies interested in these subjects based in Europe and South Korea.


b2fair 2010
Date: 20 - 21 October 2010
Location: Liège, Belgium

The b2fair is a two-day matchmaking event specifically designed to promote bilateral business relations and encourage business cooperation. It offers the perfect platform for SMEs to discuss ideas and opportunities with ICT enterprises, ICT users, subcontractors, R&D partners and more. The event takes place during the Forum des Entrepreneurs by Initiatives trade fair.


Date: 21 October 2010
Location: Brno, Czech Republic

Gate2BrnoBiotech is a biotechnology conference that acts as a platform for companies and research institutes to strengthen the exploitation of research results in the industrial sector. The event provides information on the latest biotechnology and biomedical research projects and organises face-to-face meetings and interaction between potential partners.


B2B @ SASO Fair
Date: 22 October 2010
Location: Split, Croatia

EEN is organising a B2B matchmaking event during the international SASO Fair. SASO is a major construction technology, metal industry and electrical engineering fair. More than 2 400 exhibitors are expected to attend, providing SMEs a perfect opportunity to establish new business relations and technology transfers.


Salon Pyme
Date: 22 October 2010
Location: Santiago, Chile

Outside of Europe, the EEN operates an office in Chile - the only one in Latin America. This office is organising a matchmaking event for companies and institutes operating in the tourism and food sectors. The event will be an opportunity for participants to meet suppliers and customers of European and Latin American companies that require new technologies and services to develop their businesses.


BioFIT: Fostering Innovation and Transfer
Date: 26 - 27 October 2010
Location: Lille, France

BioFIT has one goal: to stimulate and facilitate technology transfer and collaboration in the life science sector. The event offers participants a partnering platform, hands-on guidance on technology transfer and information on license opportunities.


Biotech 2010
Date: 27 October 2010
Location: Milan, Italy

Running alongside Biotech 2010, the international event and conference on biotechnologies, this matchmaking event offers SMEs the opportunity to meet companies and research centres from the biotech sector. The event will focus on nutraceutics and cosmetics. Attendees are expected from Europe, Canada, the US and India.


Aachen Membrane Kolloquium 2010
Date: 28 - 29 October 2010
Location: Aachen, Germany

Aachen Membrane Kolloquium is an international conference on industrial membrane applications that attracts membrane manufacturers, developers and end-users. A matchmaking event will take place during the conference. This will be a good opportunity for participants to establish new contacts and develop transnational synergies to expand research activities.