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Improving noise reduction

The Silentwood project has developed sophisticated noise-reducing wall panels and doors. In addition to spurring growth and jobs in the doors/panels application sector, Silentwood will provide direct economic and health benefits to the EU.
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EuResist - Enhancing HIV treatment with more precise patient modeling

HIV is not curable but it is treatable, states Dr Francesca Incardona, CEO of EuResist Network GEIE and research area manager at Informa Srl, the SME responsible for coordinating the EuResist project.
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SILCO - Doing away with bacteria in water systems

The SILCO project has developed an innovative monitoring device that senses the elimination process of complex bacterial communities known as biofilm and unsafe bacteria from drinking water systems. The prototype successfully killed legionella bacteria at a natural source spa in Slovakia
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FIRELI - New hose equipment to increase safety of firemen

Every year, fires affect large areas of forest in Europe - mostly in the Mediterranean countries, where an average of around 500,000 hectares are destroyed annually. That is the equivalent of 50 times the land area of Paris. The economic cost is estimated at between €600 and €800 million per year.
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Smart irrigation technology set to reduce costs and save water

Due in large part to inefficient water irrigation systems, the agriculture industry wastes 60% of the water it uses each year, or 70% of the world's freshwater. WaterBee has developed a smart irrigation system to reduce this wastage, thereby saving money and increasing both crop quality and yield.
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NANORAY - A portable x-ray machine

X-ray technology has existed for more than 100 years, but in spite of repeated efforts no one has found a way of solving the problems involved in making X-ray machines portable. Now, thanks to an innovative European Union (EU) funded multinational research project, that breakthrough has at last been achieved.
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CleanHatch - New high-tech solution to clean fish hatcheries

Due to increased market pressure to produce high quality and low cost fish, the aquaculture industry has been forced to develop technologies that reduce the level of risk to investors yet maintain reliable production output.
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Let there be sight

Transplanting the human cornea (1) can enable a blind person to see. But it requires the perfect human donor match and there are no guarantees of success. A group of EU-funded SMEs and researchers, however, has developed an artificial cornea that offers failed transplant patients a potentially life-changing alternative.
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News from 2010

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2 December 2010
SMEs work together to break down barriers towards enhanced participation in RTD programmes

SMEs and SME representative organisations met on 16th November 2010 in Brussels in order to discuss the barriers hindering innovative SMEs in participating in Research, Technology Development and Innovation supporting programmes and to work out measures that could facilitate the establishment of a more SME friendly environment.

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29 November 2010
SME participation in FP7 – Report Autumn 2010

The primary aim of the report is to monitor the EU-contribution granted to SMEs in FP7 projects. This report examines the SME participation in the Seventh Framework Programme up to 1 October 2010.

The report highlights the SME participation per theme and per country for the Cooperation Programme, and the SME participation in the Capacities and the People Programmes. It also includes a regional analysis of the SME participation per region. For the first time, the report includes a comprehensive analysis of the activity sectors represented in the Themes.

More information

22 October 2010
The MaPEReR SME project invites SMEs to have their say on national and regional R&D&I programmes

The MaPEeR SME project aims at setting the ground base to mobilize SMEs to become active in research and innovation. It aims to do so by providing detailed insights about the SME needs and the barriers they face in getting involved in research and innovation activities. At the same time, it also collects information and views about the strengths and weaknesses of national / regional R&D and innovation programmes in the EU-27 Member States plus Bosnia-Herzegovina. Please note this does NOT include Framework Programmes for research. The MAPEER SME team invites you to fill in our on-line questionnaire (taking 10-15 minutes) and get directly involved in adjusting policy measures for SMEs in your country and in the EU. The forms exist in English, French and German and can be found at the following link: Questionnaires


17 September 2010
Press release: SME conference 17-18 November 2010

HRH Prince Philippe de Belgique will open the conference that will take place on November 17th and 18th 2010 at La Hulpe (Hotel Dolce). We expect a total of 400 participants, most of whom representing a variety of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. This conference will be entitled : “SME, Research and Innovation: from idea to market, turning knowledge into profit!”.

Press Release

01 September 2010
FP7 calls for proposals with particular relevance for SMEs July 2010- new "Demonstration action"

On 19 July, Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn announced nearly €6.4 billion of European Commission investment in research and innovation. The package, the biggest ever, covers a vast range of scientific disciplines, public policy areas and commercial sectors.

Top priority has been given to SMEs with a budget close to €800 million the biggest budgets to date in FP7. Although SMEs can take part in many areas of the framework Programme we have highlighted those calls for proposals with particular relevance for SMEs:

More information

13 August 2010
Two new studies published on the impact of SMEs in the SME specific measures and "themes" of FP5 and FP6 now online.

The latest publication of the executive summary of the Impact assessment of the participation of SMEs in the "Themes" of FP5 and FP6, 2009 is now on-line on the SME Techweb. The printed version will be available by the 16th of September.

The previous Impact assessment of the SME-specific Measures FP5 and FP6, 2009 is also on-line. Hard copies are also available.

Both publications along with the full reports can be found on the publications page of the SME Techweb.

09 July 2010
Calls now open for EraSME and CORNET projects

Calls are now open for EraSME and CORNET projects. Their deadline is 30th September 2010

23 June 2010
SME Update newsletter

The latest issue of the SME Update newsletter is now online. It covers our upcoming SME conference in November, simplification for SMEs (interview with Wolfgang Burtscher), the latest impact assessment of SMEs in the "themes" of FP5 and FP6, SME Week events and facts and figures on the 5th progress report on SME participation in FP7.

There is also a video of one of our projects -Spiderman with a twist so enjoy!

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18 June 2010
Building the perfect cornea from scratch, the EU way


A team of European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) together with scientists have developed an artificial cornea that could allow blind people to see, and save patients from the serious drawbacks of the conventional transplant method currently in use. So far, surgeons have been transplanting corneas from human donors. These companies have teamed up with public research institutes to build the perfect, high-tech prosthetic cornea. The CORNEA ('Development of an artificial cornea for the human eye') project was funded to the tune of EUR 1.78 million under the EU's Sixth Framework Programme's (FP6) Action Line for SMEs.

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6 May 2010
SME Finance Forum
"How to exit the recession and achieve smart growth"

Finance Forum

The European Commission is organising a high-level conference, the “SME Finance Forum”, with SMEs, banks and other financial institutions, on how to address the current challenges in access to finance for SMEs. It will take place in Brussels on 6 May 2010 from 09:00 to 16:00, in the Charlemagne building.

On-line registration

21 April 2010
Workshop announcement
Research supporting Service Innovation: A workshop for European SMEs

While the role of services in the knowledge economy grows and the relation between services and innovation attracts more attention at the EU level, the role of research and service innovation for SMEs has not been sufficiently addressed. SMEs increasingly recognise the potential for a wide range of service related applications, and research projects for the benefit of SMEs have supported and continuously support much innovation in this area.
This workshop brings together knowledge intensive SMEs with experience in European research, associations of SMEs, academics and researchers working with SMEs, EC representatives and others involved in this area, to explore the role of SMEs in European research and innovation and address issues such as how to strengthen and improve support at the EU level. Research for the benefit of SMEs projects have been supported under FP6 and FP7, including on ICT enabled innovations in the service sector SMEs or in other sectors, on knowledge and innovation management, on intellectual capital and organisational innovation etc, overall involving innovations in the service sectors, as well as service innovation in many industrial sectors. This workshop will examine the potential of service innovation for SMEs, and discuss the role of European research activities to support SMEs in this area.

Notice and agenda

18 March 2010
March issue of the SME Update newsletter is now online with news, facts and events on European research for innovative SMEs.

March issue of the SME Update newsletter

16 March 2010
European Commission starts to join up the dots...

The plan to transform the European Union into the 'Innovation Union' by 2020 has been unveiled with great fanfare by EU Commission President Barroso, , by Nigel Griffiths.

Key objectives are to boost investment in research to make Europe an attractive place to develop new products. The plan also includes completion of the European Research Area (ERA) with improved access to capital for budding entrepreneurs and companies.

These new political priorities combined with the influx of new Commissioners are triggering some productive thought processes within the Commission.

DG Research recently staged an innovative workshop together with DG Enterprise and DG Regional Policy to take a cross-cutting look at the complex financing environment facing budding entrepreneurs when they attempt to take their innovations to the marketplace.

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02 March 2010
First call results for the Capacities Programme Research for the benefit of SMEs now on-line.

Call results.
Further details will be available in the next issue of the SME Update newsletter on-line on the 15th of March.

15 February 2010
Procurement of e-Learning platform for the use of SMEs and their support networks is now available.

The e-learning platform will provide coaching in order to gain benefits from participation in the Framework Programme for Research. It will contain a highly advanced knowledge management platform complemented by e-learning modules and a serious game.
The contract notice for our tender was published at 9:00 a.m. on the 9th of February on TED (Tender Electronic Daily).
OJ reference: 2010/S 27-037715

28 January 2010
Guide to the Successful Use & Dissemination of Research Results

USEandDIFFUSE is co-financed by the European Commission DG Research under the 7-th Framework Programme. The Strategic Objective of the USEandDIFFUSE project is to enhance the dissemination and exploitation of research results and facilitate the exchange of best practices in this area. They have produced a guide packed with helpful information advice, quotes and real-life examples from SMEs that participated in 24 Best Practice projects. You should find this useful during your own project when you start planning for the use and dissemination of the results.

Guide English  pdf icon (2,50 Mo)  

21 January 2010
Better research and innovation support measures for the benefit of SMEs

Resulting from the call FP7-SME-2009-1, three complementary support action projects - MAPEeR SME, GPrix, RAPPORT - were selected which will analyse and benchmark SME research and innovation support activities at national, regional and European level that facilitate the knowledge production and acquisition by SMEs and those that increase SME innovation capacity. Based on the results of benchmarking exercise, they are expected to provide recommendations on how to structure efficient, SME-friendly programmes, in particular at European level.

The MAPEeR SME project will take an overarching European approach and ventures to organise synergies and initiate structured dialogue between various players at EU and national, regional levels through a European expert panel on SMEs.

GPrix is taking a regional approach and will examine SME research and innovation support programmes at regional level in 7 target regions in particular with respect to traditional sectors (automotive, textiles, leather, ceramics, mechanical/metallurgy and food).

RAPPORT will examine new forms of SMEs collaborations in the context of open innovation and public-private partnerships and will develop a roadmap for embedding the more suitable practices and policies into the European Research Area.

Results of the three projects are expected at the end of 2011. They are expected to organize common events, monitor progress and results of one another's projects through close collaboration. The joint kick-off meeting will be held on 18 February 2010 in Brussels.

11 January 2010
European Entrepreneurship Video Award 2010: Participate!

Take part in the European Entrepreneurship Video Award 2010 and win more than € 3,000 !

The European Commission is encouraging enterprising film lovers to prove their creativity and skills by producing a short video that deals with the following questions: What is entrepreneurship all about? What could encourage people to become entrepreneurs? What could counteract old prejudices and offer new visions of entrepreneurship?