FP7 tailored for sustainability

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

The contribution of the “Information and Communications Technologies” Theme in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) to sustainable development can be apprehended by:

1. Its overall objective and rationale: The overall objective is to improve industrial competitiveness and to ensure Europe masters and shapes future Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) developments, where ICT is considered the core of the knowledge-based economy. The Theme’s objectives [pdf 287 Kb] can be seen in this Council Decision document.

2. Link to sustainable development: ICTs account for around half of productivity growth in modern economies and have the potential for re-engineering society towards more sustainable economic, social and environmental patterns. This chapter of the Vision papers [pdf 196 Kb] describes the articulation between ICT research and sustainable development challenges. The same goes for this page on ICT research and sustainable development challenges, albeit in the wider context of activities related to sustainable development managed by DG INFSO.

3. In FP7, ICT for Sustainable Growth will exploit the potential of ICT to raise awareness, positively impact on people's behaviour, and promote economic growth in a way that fosters sustainable development.

4. These tables provide an overview of sustainable development-related ICT research topics in FP7 Work Programmes.

The FP7 homepage for ICT research provides more information on research funded under this Theme and relevant events on ICT for Sustainable Growth are also listed there.