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Women & Science

  • Download the latest Women and Science statistics publication here (PDF 1 MB). "She Figures 2006" is the widest collection of European indicators on Women and Science yet produced, and comes complete with explanatory texts, technical guidelines and methodological notes

  • June 2004: Women and Science: "Statistics in Focus" from Eurostat on "Women, science and technology: Measuring recent progress towards gender equality"
    - three main chapters:
    • Women slowly catching up among engineering graduates especially in EU-15 countries
    • Women researchers more likely to work in sectors with lower R&D expenditure
    • Level of education impacts differently on employment outcomes for women and men.

    This document exists in 3 linguistic versions:

    ( = 341 kB)
    English ( = 356 kB)
    Franšais ( = 346 kB)

  • Don't miss Annex 3 of this important document, which contains national statistical profiles for all 30 countries
  • 'Statistics in Focus' - Theme 9 - 7/2001 - "Women in public research and higher education in Europe". This 'quick release' publication from November 2001 presents the very first results from the Helsinki Group data collection. It is available in English, French and German
  • The 'EU-ETAN' Report. Generally regarded as the seminal document of Women and Science at European level, it was the first publication to demonstrate that the under-representation of women in science is common across all the EU countries, and is particularly entrenched in countries where the scientific systems are oldest.
  • Forthcoming (2005) UNESCO International Report on Science Technology and Gender 2005