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A report to the European Commission from the High Level Expert Group on Women in Industrial Research for strategic analysis of specific science and technology policy issues (STRATA)

Science and Society Women in Science Helga Rübsamen-Waigmann, Ragnhild Sohlberg, Teresa Rees, Orna Berry, Pierre Bismuth, Rosanna D ’Antona,Ellen De Brabander, Guy Haemers, Jenny Holmes, Maria Kristina Jepsen, Jacques Leclaire, Erika Mann, Jennifer Neumann, Roger Needham, Niels Christian Nielsen, Carmen Vela, Darcy Winslow

  • Preliminaries
    • Inside cover (14 kb)
    • Members (33 kb)
    • Table of contents (20 kb)
  • Foreword by Mr.Philippe Busquin, (37 kb)
    Commissioner for Research
  • Preface by Professor Helga Rübsamen-Waigmann
    and Dr Ragnhild Sohlberg (joint chairs)/Acknowledgements (40 kb)
  • Executive summary (53 kb)
  • Introduction (100 kb)
  • Why focus on women for science and development? (158 kb)
  • Women in industrial research – an overview (293 kb)
  • A vision for 2010 – Opportunities and approaches (142 kb)
  • Entrepreneurs –The lifeblood of an innovative economy (159 kb)
  • Conclusions and recommendations (101 kb)
  • References and sources (63 kb)
  • List of abbreviations (50 kb)
  • Members of the expert group, working groups and additional experts (59 kb)
  • Biographies of all experts involved (257 kb)
  • Companies, institutions and organisations that participated (42 kb)
  • Annex tables (158 kb)
  • Total report (1.56 Mb)

Last Updated: 06/06/2005

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