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  • Strategies used by companies to recruit and retain women and Minorities in Engineering, by Suzanne G. Brainard, Ph.D., University of Washington

  • TOTAL E-QUALITY (Germany) aims at identifying, promoting and putting to optimum use the talents, skills and qualities of women in the corporate setting; letting the women share in responsibility, information, initial and further training, in remuneration as well as in reward and bonus schemes according to their performance and on an equal rights basis.
    This presupposes a corporate culture that pursues an equal opportunities policy and measures for its implementation. TOTAL E-QUALITY starts from the premise that equality of oppotunities for women and men gives the employer a competetive edge and is indispensable for an innovative and future-oriented personnel management policy. By means of the TOTAL E-QUALITY award, the association seeks to give equal opportunities a high public profile, to promote and proactively encourage it.

Last Updated: 06/06/2005

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